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Don't feel like getting out?

Let us bring it to you...

For an additional $4.16 charge we will deliver your food to your doorstep!

 Not in close proximity? Our delivery zones stretch across many miles & towns including Lacona, Sandy Pond, Altmar, & Orwell for our Pulaski location


 New Haven, Parish, & Palermo for our Mexico location.

We even offer call & meets to the edge of each of our zones. 

Call us with any questions regarding our delivery zones!

*All in town businesses receive FREE delivery

All of of town deliveries require a minimum order of 18.50 before discount taxes and fees this works out to a minimum total of 23.54  after delivery charge cash discount and sales tax

Call & Meet Locations


Sandy Creek - Jefferson County line (snowplow turn around)

Sandy Pond - Corner of Hadley Rd & 3

Orwell -  Corner of 2 & 22

(Orwell town hall)

Altmar -  Union Gas Station


New Haven - 1278 New York 104

(Sun up food store)

Parish - 2877 East main Street

(Mirabito gas station)

2023 New York 104

(Speedy's travel plaza)

Palermo - 4086 New York 3

(Red's Palermo market)

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